Coronavirus (COVID-19) Infection Prevention & Control Policy

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Further to the latest Government update, close contact services will be allowed to reopen from Monday 12 April 2021.


For your appointment, you will need to follow the given guidelines:


Appointments at my house:

  • Please arrive by yourself wearing your own mask. Sadly, if you arrive with someone, they will have to remain in your car for the duration of your appointment. Strictly, one person only.

  • Leave belongings in your car, keys and phone are allowed.

  • I will take your temperature before you come in with a digital infrared forehead thermometer. You can then remove your mask.

  • I will ask that you wash and sterilise your hands before we start.

  • I will not be able to offer you a drink but do feel free to bring your own.


Appointments at your home:

  • On my arrival I will take your temperature with a digital infrared forehead thermometer.

  • We will both need to wash and sterilise our hands.

  • I ask that you provide a well-ventilated area for me to work in.

  • Ideally, we are to be alone at your trial.

For all appointments:

  • I will use personal protective equipment (PPE) during your appointment. This may include, face mask, disposable apron, and a protective face visor where appropriate.

  • My hands will be washed and sterilised.

  • I will also take my temperature in front of you if requested.

  • All tools, products and equipment will be disinfected or sterilised in line with the specific manufacturers’ instructions and a UV sterilisation box.

  • Products will be applied with disposable sponges and applicators where possible.

What happens if I get COVID-19?

I will be doing everything I can to ensure I keep myself healthy. However, should I fall ill with symptoms associated with COVID-19, I will need to self-isolate as per government rules.

Please rest assured that every effort will made to find you a replacement Artist (this is subject to availability and I will do my best to help find a replacement). 
I make detailed notes of your bridal trial. Therefore, should I contract the virus and cannot attend, then I will hand over all details to the replacement Artist.


​All of these procedures have been implemented for your safety and mine. I will continue to take advice from the Government and the NHS regarding safe practice and make any further amendments as required.


Thank you for your understanding and stay safe. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Deborah X



Last updated: 25 March 2021.